Randomizer Features and Roguelike Influences (5/26/2017)

This is mostly a rehash of an update on my discord server but rewritten with a bit more forethought. I feel like I'm forgetting a third thing but if I remember it, I can always make another devlog update afterwards.

I've been playing a fair bit of the randomizer hacktool for A Link to the Past, so that has made me have a desire to implement a similiar chest randomizer into the engine, as part of the config file.

I'm going to design my own chest randomizer with some failsafes implemented, as you could guess. Mostly a check for the randomizer-pool accounting for the player's current loadout and keeping things like big keys in dungeons but I'd also want to add a secondary config option.

The secondary option will prevent accidental progress softlocks based on chance, i.e so absolutely crucial early game items will be gaurenteed to be obtained (otherwise, can't get get item-x to clear the first dungeon? you're boned!), probably not from a chest but a non-chest thing, like Link's Uncle. The second failsafe will be an optional toggle, however.

I've also been watching a bit of Dead Cells and been playing some Isaac lately. I'd like to implement doors that also take money as well instead taking portions of the player's health to open, like a blood-price door. Probably may also add tempoary hearts for the heck of it and to be clear, they will function like Isaac's soulhearts. I may also likely implement double-key doors, as well as double-bomb walls.

I may also experiment with inventory items with the theme of a lockpick, a free-item-coupon, lucky clover (increases drops of items from enemies but may also have other effects), magic stopwatch (temp-stuns all enemies on current screen), homing arrow ammo, etc but they may be likely intended as mid-game or late-game items, as well as including standard randomizer/roguelike elements (like have a chance of extra chests spawning per dungeon per savefile? They may require small keys)

I particularly feel like that a dungeon using money-based doors would be an interesting design, even if just from a greed-theme standpoint.

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